The A.S.E. Program™

There is a 90% chance you ended up on this website because you are looking for a cost-effective, timely, professional for Business Plans & Proposals, Financial Projections, Company & Partnership Formations, Website Development or Business Consulting.  The highlighted links will give you more information about those services.  After starting in 2011, and providing all the before-mentioned services, Nicholas and a think group created The A.S.E. Program™:

The A.S.E. Program™ is a proprietary action plan model created by Nicholas Coriano in 2014 to help executives, entrepreneurs and companies realize untapped potential with maximum efficacy and efficiency.  The A.S.E. Program™ (pronounced The ACE Program) is an acronym which stands for Analyze, Strategize and Execute.

After starting several unsuccessful and successful business ventures, Mr. Coriano (Nick) began consulting and business planning for executive arms of public corporations, start-up ventures and private companies.  While most individuals in the field of business were a kin to running a business--all could benefit from the increase in productivity.  Regardless of the product or service being offered or the business niche; Nick began to realize a pattern of principles that was achieving goals and benchmarks for his clients, ventures and his own companies.  The principles, when followed in order and repeated frequently, reduce risk, capital needed & uncertainty and increase output and productivity.

Analyze:  Research is fundamental to the success of any venture.  If you fail to analyze the market you are diving into, you will not be ready for the road ahead.  Viable research allows executives and entrepreneurs to properly forecast revenues and expenses as well as competitor and supplier actions.

Strategize: Once you have researched and analyzed your market, it is time to strategize by formulating a Business Plan/Action Plan.  This portion of The A.S.E. Program™ creates a road-map for the executive or entrepreneur to follow.  It projects a timeline, course of action and default course of action.  It also includes pieces which are generally found in a standard business plan including but not limited to an Executive Summary, Company Description, Market Research & Industry Analysis, Marketing Plan, Management Summary, Financial Projections and a Conclusion

Execute: Once the research is complete and the business plan has been formulated, it is time to take action and Execute.  This includes building out websites, calling or mailing potential customers, visiting site locations, signing contracts, forming corporate entities, meeting with personnel etc.  The "Execute" portion of The A.S.E. Program™ differs depending on what a client is attempting to achieve.  This is the most important part of the program because it test our research and strategy.

Thomas Edison said it best "Ideas without execution are hallucinations." The A.S.E. Program™ is meant to help C Level Executives as well as Entrepreneurs develop and execute missions is a cost effective, timely and professional manner.

Call or email Nicholas today to discuss if The A.S.E. Program™ can help you push your business initiatives to fruition.  Most services offered by Nicholas Coriano are included in The A.S.E. Program™ such as Business Modeling, Business PlansFinancial Projections (most often included in Business Plans), Investor Pitch Decks, Investor Relations Services, Website Design and more.  Call 203-685-0346 (leave a message) or Email today!