What information do my clients need to provide for me to write and develop a Business Plan?

One of the most common questions when a client approaches the task of purchasing a business plan is, "What information do I need to provide for you to adequately write a business plan?"....Well it's simple, just copy and paste the following questions into an email and answer each question with minimum 1 sentence, maximum 5 sentences. If you don't have all the answers it is okay, I will fill in the blanks.

What is your business name?
Who is the plan for?? Investors, Employees, Bank?
How do you make money?
How will you make money in the company you are starting (or currently running)?
Who are your competitors?
Why are you different from your competitors?
How do you sell the goods or services?
How much capital (money) are you looking to raise?
How will you spend the capital (money) raised?
About How much will you make in Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?
About How much will you spend in Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?
How big is your team? Who will be running the show? Resume?
Can you provide competitor websites/businesses for reference?
Your own website?
Location of your business?
Tell me anything else you think is important about your business?

Please also send any previous business plans, executive summaries or any information that may be helpful for me to write the business plan. Need Help With Your Business Plan Writing? See my Business Plan Development rates and rates for LLC, INC, 501c or Partnership formations.  Email me any questions at homescape.llc@gmail.com