Different Types of Business Plan Writing Services Offered

Need a business plan writer?  Text or call Nick at 203.685.0346 or email by clicking here.  Pricing for business plan development ranges from $499-$1500 and turnover time is between 7-14 days.  Contact today to start the conversation. 

Generally most business plans have the same sections. But it should be noted that different business plans can exist according to what industry you are in or who you are targeting as an audience. Certain agencies require different sections of the business plan to be included that may not be required in other types of business plans. Our business plan writing services include business plans for:

  • Bank Funding Business Plans, SBA Business Plans, Venture Capital Business Plans, Internal Management Business Plans,
  • E1 Visa Business Plans, E-2 Visa Business Plans, L1 Visa Business Plans, L2 Visa Business Plans, HB-1 Visa Business Plans and EB-5 Visa Business Plans,
  • Business Plans for Business Plan Competitions, Business Plans for Angel Investors and Business Plans for Friendly Investors,
  • Business Plans for Crowdfunding, Business Plans for Seed Round Financing, Business Plans for Series A Financing, Business Plan for Series B Financing,
  • Business Plan Revisions and Revamps,
  • NGO Business Plans, World Bank Business Plan, OPEC Business Plans 
  • Business Plans for Governments and Business Plans for City Development,
  • Business Plans for Public Companies including Business Plans for Penny Stocks, Micro Cap Companies, Small Cap Companies and Mid Cap Companies. 

As mentioned, certain industries require more details in certain sections of a business plan. Business plans that have been researched and developed for clients include:

  • Food Industry Business Plans: Restaurant Business Plan, Catering Business Plan, Bakery Business Plans, Pizza Restaurant Business Plan
  • Real Estate Industry Business Plans: Property Management Business Plan, Hotel Business Plan, Construction Company Business Plan, Farm Business Plan, Organic Farming Business Plan, Mining Company Business Plan, Real Estate Agent Business Plans, Real Estate Broker Business Plans,
  • Retail Business Plans: Pharmacy Business Plan, Gas Station Business Plan, Convenience Store Business Plan, Equipment Rental Business Plan, Water Company Business Plan, Cell Phone Store Business Plan, Gold & Silver Retailer Business Plan,
  • Entertainment Business Plans: Amusement Park Business Plans, Go-Kart Track Business Plans, Nightclub Business Plans, Theatre Business Plans
  • Online & Internet Company Businesses Business Plans: Mobile App Business Plan, eCommerce Business Plans, Online Store Business Plan, SaaS Business Plans, Blogger Business Plan, Crowdfunding Website Business Plan, Rideshare App Business Plan, Auction Website Business Plan,
  • Auto Industry Business Plans: Auto Dealership Business Plan, Auto Body Shop Business Plan, Auto Mechanic Business Plan,
  • Service Provider Business Plans: Nursing Home Business Plan, Nurse Practitioner Business Plan, Business Consultant and Coach Business Plans, Telecommunications Business Plans, Landscape Company Business Plans, Airline Service Business Plans,
  • Franchise Business Plans: Food Franchise Business Plans, Auto Franchise Business Plans, Insurance Agent Franchise Business Plans, Realtor Franchise/Broker Business Plans
  • Professional Services Business Plans:  Law Firm Business Plans, Dental Practice Business Plans, CPA Firm Business Plans, Architect Business Plans
  • Intellectual Property Business Plans: Business Plans to Monetize Copyrights, Business Plans to Monetize Patents, Business Plans to Monetize Trademarks, and more!

If you did not see your business plan type or industry on this list do not fear ....I'm probably well-versed in that sector as well; as I've written hundreds of business plans. Give me a call at 203-685-0346 or email me by clicking here to start the conversation.