Business Plan Writing Service FAQs

After developing business plans for hundreds of clients I consistently get some questions about my business plan writing services. You can text or call me at 203.685.0346 or email me at ...  Here are some frequently asked questions about my business plan writing service and their answers:

How much do you charge for business plans? I charge between $499 and $1,500 for business plans depending on the size and length of the business plan. You can see all of my business plan prices here.

How long does it take for you to write a business plan? It takes me between 7 and 14 days to write a business plan. If the payment is made up front I will have a completed business plan for my client in seven days. I allow clients to split the payment over two payments and this way I deliver half of the business plan in seven days and the other half on day 14.

Do you do the research for the business plan? Yes I do the research for the business plan.  

Does the business plan come with financial projections? Yes the business plan comes with financial projections. Depending on what length of business plan you purchase depends on how long and detailed the financial statements are in your business plan.

Where are you located? I am located in Connecticut but I commonly have clients all over the world. As a matter of fact of the over 1000 clients I have successfully written business plans for I have only met about 80 of them.

Can we meet in person? Yes we can absolutely meet in person. I charge nothing to meet near by me but if you are more than 10 minutes away I charge for travel time.

Can we have conferences on the phone or in Skype? Yes I conference with a majority of my clients via phone conferences, Zoom, Google Meet or Skype conferences.

Is my business plan editable? In other words will I be able to change my business plan after you give it to me? Yes. You get your business plan in a Microsoft Word document that can be altered by you whenever you want.

Do you have references for business plans you have written? Yes. You can see my references and past clients here with their contact information for reference.

Do you provide other business services besides business plan writing? Yes. I also develop pitch decks and websites, file trademarks, form corporations or limited liability companies for clients, perform social media marketing and management, write private placement memorandums, develop operating agreements and more.

Have you ever written a business plan for a restaurant or a mobile app? Or this kind of company or that kind of company? The answer is probably yes. I have written business plans for mobile apps, restaurants, real estate companies, real estate agent, construction companies, investment funds, private equity funds, yoga studios, gyms, schools, clothing companies, social media brands, celebrities, jewelry companies and more. I am well-versed in business overall so I am confident in my ability to create any type of business plan.

I am looking for funding with my business plan or a bank loan from my business plan, what is a success rate of your business plans getting funded? When presenting a business plan to a bank for funding the success rate depends on the 6 C's of credit. You can see more about the 6 C's of credit here. When presenting a business plan to a private investor it depends on the relentlessness and the drive of the entrepreneur presenting the business plan. Many of my clients have come back and said that they have raised money with their business plans or have received a loan from the bank based on their business plan. I even had one client who got on Shark Tank based off of the business plan I wrote. But again I cannot promise whether it will be successful for you but I can promise that I will write you a complete professional business plan and guide you to make sure that you are headed in the right direction of your business regardless of whether you are looking for funding or not.

How do you take payment for you business plan writing service? I take all major forms of payment including cash, check, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Zelle, CashApp, Venmo and PayPal.

What's the fastest way to reach you? The fastest way to reach me is by text, my email or by phone call. In that order I will answer the fastest. If you call my cell phone at 203-685-0346 and I do not pick up please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions about my business plan writing service, feel free to contact me by email at or via my cell at 203.685.0346.