Business Plan Writing & Research

Business Plan Writing and drafting is an essential part of any business venture.  Most Fortune 500 companies not only have a business plan, but some have a business plan room.  The detail concerning business plans that most clients do not know is that they are ever changing.  The second you write a business plan or proposal it is almost obsolete, unless you are not actively working on your business model.

Managing the strategy of a business venture is easy when you have a plan. Before you begin the daunting task of writing a full blown business plan, one should consider a SWOT Analysis. SWOT can help you handle both the ordinary and unusual situations in your venture, idea, or business by giving you a tool to explore both internal and external factors that may influence your work. This Analysis can be and normally is included in a full business plan.
If you know what industry you will enter, or are already in business either online or via a Brick & Mortar operation, and do NOT have a business plan; you need one.  A business plan does not only attract investments or capital, but will show employees, partners, and executives how to proceed in business in a fashion to maximize revenue and output. has helped dozens of clients write research on industries, plan products lines, develop E-Commerce and Web Strategies, as well as compose professionally written and edited business plans for internal and external corporate use.  On a time crunch to get your business writing done?  We understand the pressures of the financial and business world and work with our clients to produce work-product that is not only cost efficient but timely.  Send us an email at or give us a call today: 203-685-0346

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