Immigration Business Plans

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When applying for immigration Visas with the United States government several applications require that you prove your business model or possible business venture in the United States with a business plan. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, also known as USCIS, has several visas pertaining to business investments or employee visitation/travel within the United States. These visas include but are not limited to the E1 Visa, the E-2 Visa, the eb-5 Visa, the L1 Visa, and the H-1B visa.

The E1 Visa also known as a Treaty Trader Visa is a non-immigrant Visa which allows persons from a treaty country to enter the United States for the purpose of carrying out trade activity. A treaty country is a country that has a bilateral agreement with the United States to carry out trade. Traders is define by the USCIS by many definitions which can include trades of goods, trade of services and even tourism. When applying for an E-1 Visa a business plan is written to showcase how an E1 Visa applicant will conduct business trade.  Learn more about the E1 Visa Business Plan Writing Service

And E2 Visa allows a visitor from another country to enter the United States to conduct business in a company that the visitor controls. This Visa is usually renewed every two years and the visitor must have made a substantial investment in the company and generally must have a controlling interest in the business entity. An E2 Visa business plan allows the United States government to see exactly how the visitor controls the entity and whether the business entity is in fact viable.  Learn more about the E2 Visa Business Plan Writing Service

The EB-5 Immigration Visa for immigrant investors is a Visa to enter the United States created in 1990 by the Immigration Act of 1990. This allows foreigners to invest a certain amount of capital in an established business within the United States, or into a new project in the United States, in return for a Visa/green card. EB-5 immigration investor business plans show how the investment was made and will create jobs within the United States, among other things.  Learn more about the EB-5 Visa Business Plan Writing Service

The L1 Visa, also known as the intra company transfer Visa, is a Visa that allows a foreign worker with managerial, executive or specialized knowledge to enter the United States and continue employment in an office of the same employer. This is common for multinational corporations whom have offices in multiple countries and are looking to move around managers or skilled employees into the United States. The L1 Visa business plan showcases how the specialized knowledge or manager is necessary to the company within the United States.  Learn more about the L1 Visa Business Plan Writing Service

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant Visa that was written into law under the Immigration and Nationality Act and it allows a United States Corporation, Companies and Employers to employ foreign workers and special occupations for a period of time within the USA. The H-1B visa business plan draws out how and why the foreign workers that are not residents of the United States are deemed important and needed to the company.  Special occupations show that the foreign worker the occupation can not be found within the United States and thus the visitor must acquire a Visa.  Learn more about the H-1B Visa Business Plan Writing Service

As an immigration business plan writer Nicholas Coriano understands the inner workings all Visa applications.  His background in law allows for a competitive advantage when developing immigration business plans. Writing immigration business plans is unlike developing a standard business plan for a startup or public company. There needs to be special attention to the criteria set forth by the United States government for each  immigration application.  If you are looking for an experienced immigration business plan writer then look no further, contact Nicholas Coriano today at 203-685-0346