I'm Real Estate Investor

I started my real estate investing journey after Law School where I began investing in raw land in the States of Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, New Mexico and my first property in Arkansas. My first piece of land cost me $300 and I bought it on Ebay.  A few months later I sold it for $199 down and 12 payments of $99 on ebay.  I was hooked. Since then, I continued to invest and now own land, residential apartments, commercial units and mixed use properties all over America.  I even own a few AirBnb rentals; a 2 bedroom apartment rental, 1 bedroom apartment rental and single family home.  

Homeskape LP

Homescape LLC dba Homeskape is where I own all the real estate and development deals I am involved in.  In 2023, I converted my real estate dba into a Limited Partnership allowing accredited investors to co-invest with me in real estate deals.  For a prospectus to become a limited partner in Homeskape LP or to get a list of current real estate deals we are looking to invest in, email homeskape@gmail.com 

Real Estate Developments

Since 2021, I began the strategic planning of several real estate development deals. This includes a small town development in Herkimer, NY encompassing  9 Buildings totaling 19 commercial storefront units and 105 residential units.  The Herkimer Project, as termed, is 2 continuous blocks of real estate which also houses 2 empty lots where Homeskape is proposing to build new buildings. 

Land Portfolio

Starting in 2012, I began investing in land and web domains related to land.  Through Homescape LLC, we own ArizonaLand.co, ArizonaParcels.com, DesertLand.US and more.  We own vacant raw land in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, New York and Michigan. 

Real Estate Business Planning

Since 2011, I have provided professional business plans in the real estate sector including but not limited to construction business plans, real estate fund business plans, real estate agency business plans, fix and flip business plans, real estate development business plans and more.