I'm an Entrepreneur, CEO & Business Owner

I commonly get asked, "Nick, what do you do?" and I always answer "I'm and entrepreneur", which is always followed with the same question "...soooo what do you do?" 

Funny, but understandable.  My life long career as an entrepreneur has put me in the mix of many businesses from starting a water company after law school to selling diapers on Amazon; I have been involved in many entrepreneurial ventures.  When I was in high school, I was the kid throwing parties and charging people to get in.  After high school, the trend did not stop and I've been involved with several business ventures through my holding company Homescape LLC. 

So the not so short answer is, I do alot of things.  I'm a Motivator, I'm a Real Estate Investor, I'm a Teacher, I'm a Business Consultant, Dad and Husband. But I was an entrepreneur before all of that and remain one to this day.  Here are a few entrepreneurial ventures and businesses I own or have invested in:

Homescape LLC:  In 2006 I started Homescape LLC as a construction business and began what would be a double decade run of pivots into various business sectors.  A few businesses would spawn from this company and I would operate many of them as DBAs for years.  These businesses would include a real estate holding company, a few online consulting businesses that operate over a dozen websites, a laundromat, a clothing brand, a Fund and even got me in position to sit on the board of directors of a few private and public companies. 

TheBusinessPlanningGuru.com:  Started after the success of blogging on NicholasCoriano.com, I took my business plan writing business to another level by building out TheBusinessPlanniningGuru.com, NewYorkBusinessPlanWriter.com, CaliforniaBusinessPlanWriter.com, TexasBusinessPlanWriter.com, FloridaBusinessPlanWriter.com and other websites related to my business plan writing business.  In addition to writing business plans, I also form corporations and limited liability companies for clients, build websites, file for trademarks and put together power point investor presentations for business owners via these sites.  

Cervitude LP: Started as an extension to my business plan writing services, Cervitude.com was built to focus on clients that came to me to build their public and private companies. Smaller public companies would seek corporate formations, trademarks, marketing and investor relations services and general business development and I wanted to build a business that was solely focused on micro cap public companies.  Cervitude was born and 10 years after started I recruited a strong team and converted the DBA into a partnership.  We know assist microcap companies in reverse mergers, uplisting to the Nasdaq, PR, communications, accredited investor outreach and more.

Board Seats:  My works at Cervitude LP has allowed me to help grow smaller public companies and assist with business development.  In this role, I have been fortunate enough to sit on the Board of Directors for several companies including but not limited to; 3DX Industries, Inc. (a metal 3d printing and advanced manufacturing company based in Ferndale Washington) and Bell Buckle Holdings, Inc. ( a holding company focused on youth sports and youth enrichment).  Both companies are currently traded on OTC Markets.

Run2TheBag™: Started as a motto for my interns in 2018, "Run to the bag" was a saying that I used to explain to my employees that money was out in the universe waiting for them and they had to go get it.  And they didn't have to walk there, they had to run to it.  And this stood for more than just money, it mainly meant "Your dreams are out there waiting for you, and if you want them, you are going to have to get up and go get it". What started as an additive catch phrase developed into a full brand; Run2TheBag™.

Homeskape™: As I built Homescape LLC from a construction company I realized the name was too common and changed the name in usage to Homeskape, utilizing Homeskape.net for my construction services and Homeskape.com for my real estate investments.  Starting in 2012 I began buying raw-vacant land in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico and ten years later began to buy commercial properties; amassing a portfolio of residential, commercial and retail properties in Upstate NY.  

Other Entrepreneurial Ventures: I could write all day about the businesses I've owned or entrepreneurial ventures I have been involved in.  I am also and avid Blogger (MicroCapCompany.com and  PushYourRank.com, I've built a Dropshipping business on AmericanDropshipping.com and even have a Vlog Series on YouTube.  While none of these business experiments are a focus or bring in any substantial money for me, I am always building businesses.  From building ConnecticutWebGroup.com to NewYorkWebsiteDesignCenter.com to TemplateBusinessPlans.com, I continue to add to an overall strategy to dominate local SEO for certain services and products. 

Text or call 203.685.0346 or email CervitudeIR@gmail.com