Should You Be Writing Your Own Business Plan?

I've seen many people write on this topic and reason that because the owner of the business is the most experienced and should have most of the information pertaining to a business plan; that he or she should be the one writing the business plan.  I used to think the same thing but after years of writing business plans for clients all around the world I have come to a different conclusion. If you have the time and are experienced at writing proposals and business documents then you may want to take a shot at writing your own business plan.  But most people, in my experience, either do not have the time because they are busy running their business or do not have the resources to do the proper research. Some people do not have the skill set to develop a solid document in regards to formatting or proper grammar.  And most don't know which sections to include and which sections to leave out of the business plan.

In regards to research, a business owner or executive or any person looking to develop a business plan should constantly be researching the business they are looking to enter or the business that they are already in.  A business owner or business executive should strive to be a student of whatever business they are developing or involved in. If an entrepreneur or business owner is not consistently learning about the business then the competition will past them without them even knowing about it.  But even the most prudent student may not have access two particular types of research that will give an in-depth look at their industry. Sometimes they may not know where to look. If you are considering writing your own business plan here are some things to consider:
  • Do you have the time to write your own business plan? Or is your time better spent? 
  • Can you afford to hire someone to write your business plan?
  • Do you have the skill set to develop your own business plan? This includes your writing ability, command of the language you are writing in and your ability to format the business plan in a presentable manner.
  • Do you understand the elements that should be in your business plan?
  • Will writing the business plan take away time from operating your profitable business?
  • Will the input of a professional business plan writer add value to your business plan?
  • Do you have the ability to be non biased in developing your business plan?
Depending on how you answer these questions will depend on whether or not you should be writing your own business plan. Being honest with yourself about your capabilities is critical when answering these questions or generating your business plan in general. In fact, being honest with yourself is critical to your business success in general.  Everyone assumes that their business will be successful, but only the most honest can formulate a winning business plan to get them there, to success that is. If you think that you should hire someone to write your business plan then here are a few things that you should consider before hiring a business plan writer.

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