Business Plan Writer Checklist

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And before you hire just any business plan writer there are some things that should be on your checklist. A few things that you should be considering when hiring a business plan writer include:
  • Has the business plan writer actually written business plans before?
  • How reachable is your business plan writer. Can you call him and get a hold of him or her if does it take days to get a response back.
  • Does the business plan writer understand your industry or market or does he have the ability to learn it quickly?
  • Does he or she understand the basic components of a business plan? And does he or she understand how to expand on the basic sections of a business plan?
  • Does the business plan writer have the financial acumen to put together detailed Financial projections?
  • Does your business plan writer offer revisions on delivered business plans?
  • Is the business plan that the business plan writer develops available to be altered later on after the relationship is over with the business plan writer?
  • Can your business plan writer also add value to your business plan in the form of ideas and suggestions that can be implemented to make your business more profitable?
  • Is the business plan writer within your budget?
  • Does the business plan writer use a template or software to develop your business plan or is it originally written by the business plan writer.

These are questions that you should be thinking about when you are considering hiring a business plan writer. For me, all the answers to all the questions above are yes! Except for the last one where the answer is no! I write all of my business plans from the ground up and while I have a system I do not use software or templates and every business plan is unique to my client and my client's business.

My business plan writing prices range from $250 to $1,000 and it takes me between 7 days and 14 days for me to complete a professionally well-thought-out business plan. Payment plans are available and options for quicker delivery are also available.

After having written well over 200 business plans I have worked in numerous industries and markets and have tackled business plans for small businesses to the largest companies in the world.

I also offer other services for clients which include pitch deck development, website design, private placement memorandums, corporate formations, partnership agreements and more.

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