Things To Consider When Hiring A Business Plan Writer

So you come to the conclusion that you should hire a business plan writer. In my last blog I dove into the question "Should You Be Writing Your Own Business Plan".  If the answer is no, then call/text/email me and I can help develop your business plan.  If you want to shop around for a business plan writer, here are a few things that you should consider when hiring a professional to write your business plan:
  • How many business plans has the business plan writer developed? The more experience the business plan writer has in developing business plans then the easier it will be for them to formulate your business plan.  
  • How many years of experience does the business plan writer have? Did they just start writing business plans or have they been doing it for years? The more years of experience  .... the more things the business plan writer has seen and experienced and will be able to help your  business/business plan succeed. 
  • Has the business plan writer worked in your field before? If you are writing a business plan about software applications and the business plan writer has worked as a software engineer then this may be helpful.  Sometimes it may be helpful if the business plan writer has NOT worked in your field so they can give you fresh perspective. 
  • Has your business plan writer written a business plan like yours before? Sometimes it may be more helpful that the business plan writer has developed business plans for your industry or Market. This will mean that the business plan writer will know where to find the research and may already have a template or guide to develop your business plan.  It will also cut down on the time the business plan writer needs to understand language or facts specific to your business.
  • Does the business plan writer use a template or software when developing business plans? Some business plan writers use standard templates and the business plans they develop are not as customized as you may expect or need. 
  • How much does the business plan writer charge? Hiring a business plan writer depends on what you can afford. If the business plan writer is out of your budget's reach then this will obviously limit whether or not you can hire them to develop your business plan. 
  • Can the business plan writer develop your business plan in a timely manner? If you need your business done by a certain date or have a deadline then this will also delineate whether or not a business plan writer is a good match for you.
  • Does the business plan writer offer the document in a manner that can be edited later? A business plan is a working document. It is alive, meaning that you will need to make changes to the document over time as your business grows and proceeds forward. If your document is in a
    PDF format and no changes can be made to the business plan, then this is not good. Make sure when hiring a business plan writer that the business plan can be edited later.
  • What education/degrees or skill sets does the business plan writer have?  Depending on what business plan you are writing or what industry the business plan is for will depend on the whether a particular degree or education level will be helpful in developing your business plan. For example, if you are starting a biomedical company then it will probably be useful that the business plan writer have a medical degree. This is not necessary but it will speed up the process of having the business plan writer understand what you are doing in your business.
  • Will your business plan writer sign an NDA?  For some folks this is a deal breaker.  Most venture capital groups and investors will not sign an NDA but this does not mean you shouldn't have other people sign one.  A business plan writer that will never sign an NDA is a red flag.
In general you will want to look for someone trustworthy and someone with whom you can communicate openly.  If you are ready to hire a business plan writer, then look no further.  Call (leave message) or text Nick today at 203-685-0346 or email (click here) to schedule a time to talk.