Business Planning & Consulting

Writing a business plan, when you are a novice, can seem like a mind bending task.  Okay, I am bias because I am a business plan writer for hire, but it does not make it any less true.  Forming a business may seem as simple as a form to file with the Secretary of State (or even on LegalZoom), but have you thought about which business form is right for your venture?  Should you form a Corporation or an LLC?  What's the difference?  How will you be taxed?  Does your business plan have an exit strategy?  How will you pay back your investors?  So many questions and hiring someone or a team to write a business plan or form a company for you still may not yield the answers to these questions.

In 2011, I began consulting small and large businesses on how to properly finance, operate and manage their businesses, start-up ventures, companies and investments.  Since 2011 I have written over 100 business plans, formed a dozen companies, projected financials and earnings for several dozen companies and built websites for another couple dozen entrepreneurs and business people.  What a ride it has been!

Some clients I never hear from again, but others call and tell me they got the funding they were seeking  or they managed to get the right partner to expand their business.  This is essentially why I love what I do!

If you are looking for a business consultant than you found him.  My past clients will tell you that I go above and beyond the call for them...meeting late night at Starbucks, calling their local bank branch to assure their loan is going smoothly or calling potential suppliers to make sure the projections in a business plan are based on actual ascertainable data.

My services are limited to the most critical needs of the entrepreneur and business person.  They include business plan writing, financial forecasting (sometimes included in business plans), company and venture formations and website design (which also includes SEO and Social Media Training).

My experience ranges from the start-up entrepreneurial venture to the $100 Million Micro Cap Public company client.  Regardless of whether you are looking to raise $1,000,000 or $10,000 I can help.  Some of my clients are not looking for money at all, just a sound strategy to expand operations, while other clients simply have a great idea and want to figure out a way to make money (business modeling)...I do that too.

And no, my experience is not just writing business plans or business consulting for clients, I run other successful businesses as well. is an online venture where I sell my collectibles and AAGWATT is another venture I partially sold off in 2012.  I also own & author several blogs which turn a cute profit and an investor relations service focused on Micro Cap Investor Relations.  I do not consult from theory learned or case study, but from actual experience.  I will show you how I raised capital for my company AND other companies.  I will show you how I managed to get a large social media following on twitter and tons of web traffic to my website.

Emails are responded to twice a day, texts are responded to immediately.  Phone calls are called back, so please leave a message.  Most work, including business plans, simple website design and financial projections are finished in 14 days from initial retainer agreement.  Don't wait...let' talk, contact me today.

-Nicholas Coriano

"If you genuinely want something, don't wait for it -- teach yourself to be impatient."