Mr. Coriano (Nick) is the lead writer for The Cervitude Investor Relations Network were he has written numerous articles for several of the networks, websites, physical and Internet magazines, newspapers, newsletters and other periodicals including but not limited to the tradenames,, SeekingAlpha, and more.  Writing for The Cervitude Network, Nick researchs and reports on public and private stock markets, finance, entreprenuerialism, marketing, stock trading, funding and other subjects business related. 

On occasion Nick writes "A Letter to the CEO", a newsletter aimed at the small-cap Chief Executive Officer to provide tips on how to become a more effective leader and de minimus counsel on business and legal issues.  The sporadic newsletter pertains especially to the nano-cap, micro-cap, and small-cap sector, with a focus on companies that are either about to undertake a round of financing (private placement, I.P.O, etc) or are financed penny stocks or micro cap companies and pursuing the dream of growth to the large-cap market sector.  Nick is the web designer, author, moderator and founder of

Nicholas also created, composed and maintains the blog, a tech blog created to publish articles about learned tips, tricks, how-to and "What is" articles.  The articles published are generally about the Internet, E-commerce Business, Internet Marketing, SEO tactics, Social Media, Website Design and other subject matter related to the world wide web.