My Clients

"The Nurse’s Office Brand was just a cooked up idea when I called on Nicholas Coriano to help me write a business plan. Not only did he help me write the business plan, but he also walked me through the process of executing a pitch deck and PowerPoint presentation for potential corporate partnerships. And get this he even took the time to help with this during the Christmas holiday. He has what it takes to you get you to where you need to go!"
-La'Erica Williams, The Nurse's Office (email

"Nick is more than just a guy who wrote my business plan.  He became my mentor.  He pushed me and motivated me more than ever.   He goes that extra mile in making sure that you are more than satisfied with his work.  I will forever be grateful for him"
-LaDonya Allen (email

“Nick Coriano did a great job on our business plan project. Thanks so much for the amazing and on time job!”
-Carlos Maldonado, Es La Cosa Radio (email

"Huge thanks to Nick! I hired Nick to develop the business plan for my fashion start up. Nick delivered a detailed, professional and accurate business plan, including the financials, all while hitting tight timelines, which included over weekends and holidays. Working with Nick has been the most seamless and successful experience in my start up journey thus far. I will definitely work with Nick again in the future!"
-Alison Snyder, Bossy Apparel (email

Below are a list of previous clients for reference purposes.  If you click on the name one of two things will occur, (1) you will be sent to my former clients' website, or (2) you will be sent to an email address to correspond with my former client.  Regardless of whether you seek a reference via their website or email, please be courteous.  These individuals and companies run businesses as well as their lives, please realize that you will have to remind them of who I am and why you are contacting them.

The above represents a small list of clients.  If you have been a formal client and would like to be added to this list, please contact  Other clients can be seen below.  I have had clients that have raised millions of dollars with my business services and even a client who got on The Shark Tank on NBC.

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