Dear Prospective Client,

If you have landed here, it is more than likely from one of the 10,000+ ads I have placed on the Internet.  More over, you are probably here because you need one of my services: Business Plans, Financial Projections, A Business Formation or a Website.

Planning out and working on your company's (or future company's) Business Plans are time consuming activities best outsourced to someone with more experience (unless you have the experience yourself), but regardless, business plans are necessary to growing a successful business.  I offer Different Types of Business Plans. I simply need the questions answered from my Business Plan Questionnaire and your Business Plan will be complete in 14 days (faster options are available). All of The Business Plan Packages have seven sections; Executive Summary, Company Description, Market Research & Industry Analysis, Marketing Plan, Management Summary, Financial Projections and Conclusion (Click: business plan pricing).  I develop so many business plans that I get frequenty asked questions (F.A.Q.s).  If you need a business plan, here are answers to F.A.Q.s about my business plan writing service

While my Business Plan Writing and Research covers annual financial projections, I also offer Projected Financial Statements; Projected Balance Sheet, Projected Monthly Cash Flow Statements and Projected Income Statements. (Click: Projected Financial Statements Info & Pricing)

I can also create an LLC, Partnership or other Business Entity for you in your State.  Whether a Corporation or Non-Profit is needed; I can help. Your Business Formation is completed in a quick and professional manner and takes no longer than 14 days. (Click: Business Formation Services & Pricing).  And I can also build you a professional website for your company.  After finishing your website design, I can also host it for you.  (Click: Design Services and Pricing). 

I'm professional, affordable and easy to work with and most projects are completed in 14 days or less.  Some even within 24 hours.

My goal is to create a platform with all the services the entrepreneur needed to get started in business and cost-effectively become profitable....even go public!

The best way to be sure that I am the right person for the job is to reach out to my past clients, as references, or get a hold of me.  You can see my past educational experience, commissioned experience and entrepreneurial experience on the links above.

Once you are ready to start talking business, the preferred contact methods are listed in the order in which I reply to first: (1) Text my cell: 203-685-0346 (2) Email: and (3) Call: 203-685-0346

Due to the high volume of incoming calls and emails, and my workload with current clients, I reply to my text messages immediately to schedule a quick free introductory call. 

Emails are checked once daily at 12 noon eastern time and I listen to my voice mails once weekly on Friday 12 noon eastern time.  This allows me to better serve my clients and manage time more efficiently.  I truly hope to hear from you soon....

Success and nothing less,

Nicholas G. Coriano