Finding The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

As an entrepreneur who works in investor relations and invest in real estate, I have tested a method to attract a millionaire who wants or does invest in real estate..

This is best explained in a story of how I stumbled across the method of contacting and forming a relationship with a million-dollar real estate investor.

Starting in 2012, maybe late 2011, I began purchasing vacant land and rural land across the United States for pennies on the dollar. I acquired over 30 properties and the truth is I didn't know what to do with them, but I knew I was holding on to value. Fast forward to 2019, I purchase my first commercial piece of real estate in Herkimer County New York, a three-story building with a commercial storefront, office space on the second floor, and two rental apartments AKA residential units on the third floor. I moved from Connecticut to Upstate New York because of the abundant opportunity and the cheap land available for sale.

Not having the money to purchase more land, in March 2019, my first month in Upstate New York, I went to City Hall and asked if I could get a list of everyone in the county that owned 100 acres or more. They gave me the list, I think I paid around $10 for it, and I wrote a letter to everyone who owned a hundred acres or more in the county. I basically said I was an entrepreneur and if they had land that they weren't using, I would partner with them and split the profits of anything we made on the land. I told him to give me a call if they were interested. After mailing about a hundred letters, I got 10 people to respond to me. One was a pharmacist and the other was a plastic surgeon from New York City. As you can imagine, the plastic surgeon from New York City was a multi-millionaire living on 5th Avenue. I continue to build a relationship with him.

 Amongst others, a gentleman who had been living his entire life up here, on the bout a thousand acres and was also interested in hearing what I had to say.

Then again, another gentleman from Palm Beach Florida called me, a venture capitalist, who combined with his family-owned over a thousand acres in the county. He was enthusiastic about some sustainable venture that could produce income.

I realized by filtering my search for people that owned over a hundred acres, I had hit some really wealthy people. I'm currently trying this again by targeting only multimillion-dollar properties in certain cities. I'm very confident that by mailing out to these specific targets, I will not only find a potential partner but a potential investor, at the very least, a financially well endowed new member of my network.

If you are looking for a real estate investor, targeting expensive real estate property on the tax roll at City Hall may be a simple way to reach a qualified investor.

Hope this helps and if you have experienced a way to reach qualified investors for real estate ventures, put it in the comments below and pay it forward...