Why I Hated Calling Myself a Business Plan Writer

I'm so much more than a business plan writer - even though it is my full time gig.  After graduating business school and law school and working on Wall Street, I began my business plan writing service and since than I have written over 2,000 business plans for clients all over the world.  In the decade I have been in business, I realized a small pivot that I think will help my past and future clients.

I hated calling myself a business plan writer, but the truth is, doing so helped me get profitable and make more money.  Let me explain...

I have formed hundreds of corporations and limited liability companies for my clients.  I have also developed their websites, filed their trademarks and run their marketing campaigns.  So I'm definitely not just a business plan writer.  

In addition, I own real estate all over the country, owned and operated a laundromat, sit on Board of Directors of public and private companies, wrote three books, invested in companies and have about a dozen online businesses.  So for a ling time, I hated calling myself a business plan writer because I couldn't let go of all the other things I was doing.  I wanted the credit.

Why does this matter?

Well when people would find me to write their business plan, my bio would read like I was a jack of all trades.  People don't want someone that can do everything, they want someone to do the thing they are looking for, in this case that meant they were looking for a business plan writer.  I don't know how many people I scared off by trying to be everything, but I know it was a lot.  

One day I woke up and I swallowed my pride.  I changed all my social media profiles from "Author, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Board Advisor & Business Consultant" to "Business Plan Writer".  That's it.  Just "Business Plan Writer".

And guess what happened?  My revenues the following 365 days went through the roof.  I made more than I ever made and my clients still hired me to do form their LLCs, register their trademarks, build their websites, etc. It also allowed for stronger marketing.  Since I didn't have to split my budget among 7 different services and I could focus solely on marketing my business plan writing services, I marketing efforts on Google Ads, Craigslist, Social Media and SEO all became more effective.  

Entrepreneurs like to do many things, they have many ideas and their creative energy sometimes gets in the way of FOCUS.  But there is nothing more dangerous than a focused entrepreneur.  

Need a business plan?  I can help with that and so much more ;) ...contact me today.