Register a TRADEMARK

If you are in business and have not registered your logo or business name as a federal trademark, you should consider doing so.  After working with thousands of clients both small and large, writing over 2,000 business plans, forming over 500 corporations and LLCs, and running several businesses myself; I understand the benefits of filing your trademark with the USPTO and the downfalls of businesses that do not register their trademarks. 

My process is simple.  It starts with a FREE trademark search.  Just contact me and let me know which name or design you would like to trademark.  If there the trademark search does not find any like kind names or designs, then you should proceed with the trademark registration.  My pricing for trademark filing can be found here. 

Why Register your Trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office?

  • Defend your company’s rights – Make it much easier to enforce your claim on your brand’s materials.
  • Stop impersonators and copycats – Own the exclusive right to your company’s name, likeness, slogans, and branding.
  • Brand Recognition – Build a recognizable brand by using ® symbol.
In addition, filing your trademark allows for other pathways to revenue such as licensing and royalty deals.  When you have a great name, you shouldn't risk not trademarking it.  

How Long Does It Take For My Trademark?

I file your trademark within 72 hours of the time you make payment.  The USPTO takes between 8 week and 20 weeks (depending on their backlog) to publish the trademark, review and approve the trademark.