Liquor Store Marketing Plan Excerpt

Below is a sample of a 1 page marketing plan, taken from a business plan, for a liquor store.

--------------------------Marketing Plan Sample for Liquor Store--------------------------
The company currently has its core team members focused on executing this business plan.  In order of effectiveness and sustainability we will execute the following marketing strategy post-investment for the liquor store:

  • Onsite Marketing: Our liquor store will have a strong focus on onsite marketing within the store.  This will consist of in-store displays of products such as end displays, checkout displays, and freestanding displays received from the liquor manufacturers.   This will also include in-store promotions of certain liquors with events like wine tastings and celebrity appearances.
  • Word of Mouth: We will focus on the marketing that makes most liquor businesses successful, word-of-mouth. 
  • Signage and Road Frontage: Signage of major liquor brands and companies and a large sign in front of our location will act as marketing.  
  • A Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Page: Administration duties will be outsourced.  Each post will engage users by asking a question propose an idea, take an action, and sign-up forms.  Content will mainly be pictures of our food or the inside of our facility.  Post will be daily.  Each post will have a link and/or call-to-action to encourage social media users to visit our website.   All friends of company executives & current employees will make the first round of likes on the Facebook Page and the second round of likes will be targeted on Facebook Ads to profiles that like pages of other liquor stores in our area.  Post on this account should happen three to four times a week.
  • Print Ads: The liquor store will be marketed in local newspapers, magazines, and will have fliers posted around local towns in the days and weeks coming to the opening. 
  • Online Local Listings: Listing services such as Yelp and Google My Business can drive many local consumers into seeking further information about our liquor business. We plan to encourage customers to rate their experience so we can establish ourselves as a trusted and honest business.

--------------------------Marketing Plan Sample for Liquor Store--------------------------

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