Executive Summary for Cleaning Company Business Plan

Below is a sample of an Executive Summary for Cleaning Company

--------------------------Sample Executive Summary--------------------------

Nicky Nice Cleaning Group is a commercial janitorial, cleaning services company with locations in the Fargo, New York. The company has the capacity of serving a broad range of industries, but namely financial institutions, hospitals/medical facilities, commercial/mixed-use complexes, and government buildings.

The founders have thoroughly analyzed the internal and external factors that could potentially impact the success of the business and have planned contingencies accordingly. They have determined that the business has strengths in its management passion for the industry/community, the company’s close proximity to a “seemingly endless” supply of business opportunities, competitive prices that we will provide our customers, and the founders’ strong experience in the janitorial cleaning industry.

The Janitorial and Cleaning Industry has fared well over the past five years. Overall corporate profit growth has been positive for the industry. As a result, the industry has grown at an annualized rate of 3.6% over the five years to 2018 to reach $241.4 billion. revenue is expected to rise 2.9% in the on-coming years of 2019-2020.

Nicky Nice Cleaning Company will dominate the attention of local consumers through social media, online marketing, local radio, community outreach, and through cold-calls.  The Company will have an extremely strong local social media presence, avidly posting sales and documenting the day to day operations of our business, among several other strategies detailed in our marketing plan.

The purpose of this business plan is to outline the company's growth strategy and help the owners understand future cash flows to properly manage the finances of the business. 

--------------------------Sample Executive Summary--------------------------

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