Get Your Business Plan FINISHED!

If you have tried writing your business plan and are stuck or tired, or simply do not have the time or know how to get it done, then you are at the right place.

Get Your Business Plan FINISHED!!

I have written over 250 business plans for clients all over the world. I've worked in almost every industry sector and have written business plans for investment amounts ranging from $10,000 to $100 million dollars. The main reason I get hired is because I get the job done!

My business plan writing service is professional, efficient and timely.

Here is everything you need to know about my business plan writing service:

Depending on which business plan you choose, my Prices range from $350 to $1,000.

A business plan is delivered in 7 days after the payment is made.  If you choose my payment plan option, which allows you to split up the price of the business plan over two payments, the first half of the business plan is delivered in 7 days after you made the initial one half payment.  Upon delivery of the first half of the business plan, you remit the second payment and seven days later, the final business plan is completed and delivered to your email.  

If you have any questions, simply text or email me to schedule a time to talk.  My cell is 203-685-0346 and my email is

Ready To Get Your Business Plan Finished?

When you are ready to get started, all I need is the payment and the answers to my business plan writing questionnaire. If you email me my questionnaire before we begin, the first consultation is optional.  If not, I simply run down the questionnaire in a 15-30 minute call so I have all the information I need to develop and finish your business plan.  

Once I get all the information I need from you, I begin to write the business plan.  

After we are completed with the business plan, you have seven days to come back to me for whatever reason to revise the business plan. This assures you that if we ever miss anything, it will be taking care of free of charge.

I commonly get asked if we can meet somewhere to go over the business plan or to go over the initial business plan questionnaire. The answer is yes. I charge for my commute time and travel time which will increase the cost of the plan. Normally, most of my clients work with me remotely from all over the world. But I do offer the option to meet you anywhere.

I also commonly get asked if I have references and what is my experience. You can see my past clients here and click on their name to email them as my references. My past experience includes graduating from business school and graduating from law school as well as working on Wall Street. If that's not enough, I also own several successful business including an e-commerce business, a real estate holding company, a consulting business and of course my business plan writing business.

All of this means when I consult my clients, I am not only consulting based off of something I've read or heard but based off of the experiences I had as a business owner and entrepreneur. This compiled with all the experience I have obtained from working with hundreds of entrepreneurs makes me an easy option to work with for your business plan writing needs.

If you have any other questions please check my frequently asked questions page or shoot me a text to start the conversation. You may also email me at If you choose to call, please leave a message with a time when you will be available to talk, I will call you back then.

my cell 203-685-0346

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