Business Plans For Diners

Diner business plans are not like every other business plan. You have to understand the capacity of the space, customer turn over, cost of food and whether or not the location will increase revenue for the diner. After having written dozens of diner business plans there are some aspects of the diner business plan that stand out to me:
  1. Things may cost more in a diner kitchen than in a regular kitchen. Ventilation in a diner is not the same as ventilation in a regular home and the same goes for the freezer and the stove, Etc.
  2. Make sure to count the capacity (number of people allowed to be in the diner at one time, according to the fire code) and make it a basis of assumption for your revenue. When developing a business plan for a diner if you are showing revenue as if you are seating 100 people per day per hour and the place can only fit 10 people, then your business plan is not realistic.
  3. Restaurateurs do not negotiate enough when trying to find a physical location. This is especially true when they are looking for a lease. Everything in business is negotiable, and when starting a diner you want to make sure to negotiate your lease down, that way the pro forma financials in your business plan will be more profitable.

The layout of a diner business plan is customized to a client's needs. But in general a diner business plan will follow a familiar business plan outline. This will include:
  • the executive summary,
  • company description,
  • market research,
  • industry analysis,
  • management and organizational plan,
  • marketing plan,
  • financial projections and,
  • a conclusion.
If you have an established diner already, many of my clients leverage the revenues from the diner to expand the diner or open another diner. I help address issues like revenues and expenses as well as intellectual property issues for franchising. Diner business plans have become my forte and if you need a diner business plan, then I can help you. Check out the prices for my business plans here and a list of my past clients here, for reference. When you are ready to talk, email or text me to schedule a 15-minute free consultation to see if we would make a good fit. Feel free to email or text me 24 hours a day, I respond as soon as possible. My cell 203-685-0346