Business Consulting Retainer for Previous Clients

Dear Previous Client,

If you have retained me before for business plan writing, financial projections, website development, investor relations or general consulting and are looking to keep me on as a part-time adviser; I now offer a 3 Month Business Consulting Contract for just $99 a month.  This offer is exclusively for former clients, whom are in need of advice and not work product (work products such as documents, filing services, etc are billed separately).

I launched in 2011 with a single post. My goal:  To be Ethically Aggressive on the pursuit to Close The Biggest Deal, The Business World has ever seen.

Now in 2015 I look back on over 200 clients, great clients, some of whom I keep a continuous re-pore and have consistently asked me for guidance, due diligence and advice.  So I've launched a post A.S.E. Program Retainer for $99 a month; a simple but effective Business Consulting 3 Month Retainer.  Here's what you need to know:
  • You get unlimited email and text support for questions about business planning, website development, investor relations, etc.,
  • You get 15 phone conferences per month (15 minutes each),
  • Must be automatically debited from a bank account, 
  • Minimum 3 Month Commitment,
  • No work product is included or will be delivered.  Only answers to questions, phone consultations, email consultations, being part of meetings, introductions, critics and responses to emails for best solutions. 
Let me help navigate your businesses and ideas to success and fruition.  I am your business's un-baised voice of reason, paid simply to explain how to get certain things done; efficiently and effectively.  And I explain the process and SWOT of any project in a manner that leads to cost reduction & time savings.

Questions?  Email me here.  Ready to rock?  Submit information below.

Enter $99.99 below and click the "Automatic Billing" button below.  Follow the prompts.  the maximum amount you will be charged is $99.99 each month.
You will be billed $99.99USD each month for a period of 3 months.  If no funds are in the account to be automatically billed, nothing will be deducted or charged to the account.  
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