My Process

My Business Plan Writing Process is Simple & Easy

1) Retain Me

After you’ve selected a business plan writing package (see below), you submit payment. Once payment is submitted, I will confirm receipt of payment and we will schedule our initial consultation within 24 hours. The time now starts ticking, and your business plan will be delivered 7 days from the time you make payment.    

2) First of 3 Consultations

In our optional first consultation, we review my business plan questionnaire. You may fill out this questionnaire and send it to me to speed up the process (It was designed to take less than 15 minutes ). If not, I have a phone call with you to get the answers myself. This is considered our first consultation. Take a deep breathe, we are almost done. 

3) Business Plan in 7 Days

7 days after you’ve made the payment, I deliver the business plan. Following this, we have our second consultation. In this consultation we will go over the the business plan and make sure it is on track. You make comments and suggest revisions, if needed.

4) Follow Up

I deliver the revised business plan and then we have a third consultation to go over the business plan and to make sure you are happy. At this point we are complete, but I still stick around another 14 days via email after I deliver the final business plan for any review or revisions need to the business plan.


Have more questions about my business plan writing service?  Check out Frequently Asked Questions about my Business Plan Writing Service where you can find the answer to many questions asked or contact me now:  

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