Blogging Business Plan

I've made a living off of blogging since 2012. But I did not start off intending to make a living off of blogging. Once I found out how lucrative blogging was, I went all-in. In this post, I'm going to delineate my blogging business plan.

Let me start from the beginning. I started my first blog because my computer was a piece of crap and if I saved one more thing on my computer, it would have imploded on itself. It was 2009 and I had just been admitted to law school where notes we're not recommended, they were mandatory if you wanted to pass. So I started a Blog on, all I understood was that I could save whatever I typed in on to the internet and I would not need to save it on my computer.

A funny feature on allowed me to see how many people were viewing my blog, I would later find out that that was standard on most blogging platforms. After one semester, I saw that people were searching for certain keywords that I was blogging about, I just assumed that it was other law school students.

After two years in law school, I was still blogging my notes, and I started blogging about Securities Law, a topic I'm very passionate about. I like to make money, I like how money is created, I like how money is transferred, I like the history of money, I like the smell of money, I like the taste of money, but most importantly I like what money can buy....freedom.

I realized that there were certain people searching for Securities laws that we needed services for certain documents related to investor relations, initial public offerings, fundraisers, reverse mergers, friendly takeovers, hostile takeovers, and other legal related matters.

A light bulb went off in my head. I begin to understand that anyone who had access to the internet, now had access to my blog. I also understood that the more I reference a certain subject matter, the more I got organic traffic, in other words, the traffic I didn't have to pay for....

Fast forward to the time I am writing this article, when someone types in business plan writer in Connecticut or business plan writer in New York, I show up. Why? Because I've written so many articles about business plan writing and I've referenced New York and Connecticut so many times in those articles, that I have begun to show up I'm natural search on most search engines.

What is the first thing you do when you think about a service or product you need? Most people go straight to a search engine on the internet and type in that product or service and see what they find. There are over 7 billion people in the world and half of them have access to the internet. The other half will soon have access.

So my blogging business plan, what is it? If you click on this article, there's a chance you wanted to start a blog and wanted to understand what a blogging business plan would look like. I've written hundreds of business plans for clients via my website and I've helped public companies scale their business via

So here it is.....

Write original content, passionately, and consistently, about a subject matter where you will provide a product or service. This is important. I've heard some influencers suggest that you just produce content about your passion and worry about monetizing it later. I think this is a mistake. Figure out what you will sell your consumer base in from the beginning, write content that informs your potential customer base about your service or product.

Spam works. I don't mean right the same thing again and again. I mean to release the same message again and again by writing it in a different way. I've written over a hundred articles about business plan writing. Some are about gym business plans and summer about e-commerce business plans. Others are about investor relations services and some about the importance of website development and maintenance for small businesses. Each time I find the way 2 add value to my potential customer and at the same time, inform them that I am available to provide those services.

A blogging business plan is simple. Write, write, write! Keep writing. Every time you hit that publish button will be another opportunity for someone to fall on a keyword that you have written in an article. Be consistent and measures your Analytics to understand who is viewing your blog. And then sell them something. If you don't, you will be 500 Days in, your fingers will be sore, you'll have a block with a lot of traffic, and you'll be broke.

Hope this helps


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