Yoga Studio Business Plan Writer Gives Tips on Opening Shop

A Yoga Studio Business Plan, when written correctly, can be a critical tool in the funding or expansion of a yoga studio. A yoga studio business plan written by a professional can attract investors, obtain a small business loan and be a road map for internal members of the company. Having written over 200 business plans I have run into my fair share of clients that are looking to open up a yoga studio or need a business plan to expand their already-established Yoga Studio. Some top tips I've learned, that should be highlighted in a yoga studio business plan are as follows:
  • If the founders of the company have experience in personal training or Fitness, and they are looking to start a new yoga studio, the business plan should highlight their prior experience in personal training or Fitness.
  • As the saying goes in real estate, location location location. When establishing a yoga studio, the founders of the company should be scoping the best locations possible. Sometimes you have to pay more for a location, but the traffic count of pedestrians or cars will make up for the high cost of rent. In this vein, anyone looking to open up a fitness studio or yoga studio should be conscious that the asking rent price is exactly that, the asking price. All rents are negotiable and the person with the cash is the chief negotiator. Those seeking to start a yoga studio should leverage this position to get the best rate on their rent.
  • Price yourself competitively. A yoga studio for the most part in the United States has to compete with major box gyms and fitness centers. This competition is good but commonly startup entrepreneurs priced themselves out of the market. If you are offering the same service or something very similar then your pricing should be competitive. Even if you are offering something totally different from your competitor, understand that the consumers are only willing to spend a certain amount on certain things, for example a yoga class.
These are just three topics that have come up repeatedly when I have consulted clients to develop their yoga business plan. Some clients are looking to start a yoga business that does not have any physical space or are flexible where the yoga classes are to be held. This brings about other issues.

Every business issue that arises when planning a new business or the expansion and growth of an already established business should be looked at carefully by the founders. Smart founders get other professionals and industry veterans to look at their plans as well. If you are starting a yoga studio brand new, than you may want to go speak to someone who has already established themselves in that business. This will give you the knowledge and confidence to proceed. If you are looking for someone to write your business plan then you have found him.

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