Veterinarian Business Plan

Are you looking to start your own Veterinary Hospital? Do you need a veterinarian business plan? Then you are at the right place. I have developed hundreds of business plans for clients and about a dozen of them have been veterinary hospitals or veterinarians looking to either establish a veterinarian practice or expand an already established Veterinary Hospital.

Taking care of animals is a passion for many veterinarians and turning that passion into a successful business is key to the success of the proprietor. A Veterinary Hospital business plan is not like your average business plan. Seasonality should be taken into account as well as the professional nature of the services. Sometimes veterinarians travel to there clients and customers, this should be taken into account when developing a business plan for a veterinarian. For example, is more rural counties and townships, the veterinarian may see more farm animals then in a local suburb or city.  In the latter, a veterinarian may see a majority of pets such as dogs and cats.  In farm country, the local vet may be riddled with appointments for cows and horses. 

Some Veterinary Hospitals offers more than just care of pets.  Some hospitals offer boarding and pet grooming services.  This allows them to make more money off of their current customer base and grow revenues. 

Common services that may be offered by veterinarians should be stated in a veterinarian business plan.  For example, a veterinary business plan could include services for:
  • Coat and Skin checks for animals
  • Eyes and Ears checked for animals
  • Nose and Throat issue for animals
  • Mouth, Teeth and Gums issues for animals
  • Legs and Paw issues for animals
  • Lungs, Heart and Abdomen problems for animals
  • Lymph Nodes check-ups
  • Urogenital System scan
  • Central Nervous System scan
  • Emergency Treatment
  • Vaccination
  • Radiology
  • Dental Care for animals
  • Ultrasounds for animals
If you are a vet and looking to develop a professional business plan, then Nick can help.  Text or call his cell at 203-685-0346 and please leave a message to schedule a time to talk.  Or email him to begin a conversation about how you can get a professional business plan developed.  If you are a veterinarian, then your focus should be on animals, not on writing a business plan for funding.  Call/text/email today.