Reasons You May Not Want To Write Your Own Business Plan

I recently read an article that stated all business owners and entrepreneurs should write their own business plan. I thought that was absurd! And no, not because I'm a professional business plan writer. The truth of the matter is, that after writing hundreds of business plans for clients, I have realized there are several reasons why a business owner or entrepreneur would not be writing their own business plan.

Reasons Why You Might Not Write Your Own Business Plan

No Time To Write The Business Plan. Many business professionals simply do not have the time to write down their own business plan. This is especially true for businesses that are already established or for entrepreneurs looking to start a business when they are working full-time somewhere else. Writing a business plan takes time and effort. You may have the best intentions to write a business plan but if you do not have the time, then it will never get done.

Lack of Business Plan Writing Experience. Many entrepreneurs and business people are really good at doing certain things. This is usually what they are in business for, for example the pizza maker can make a pizza and the carpenter can build a house. Now if you ask the carpenter to write a business plan, things get a little tricky. The lack of experience, for many, is the reason they choose to hire a professional to write their business plan. After all, you don't go to the electrician for a root canal, you go to the dentist. You want someone experienced doing the work and some of my clients understand that they are not the best person for the job.

A Sounding Board for Business Ideas. The smartest people I've ever met understand that there is someone smarter than them in the world. As a matter of fact they assume that there is always someone better for the job than themselves. They understand the value of a partner or professional confidant whom acts as a sounding board for their business ideas and venture. Many clients reach out to me to develop their business plan because they want to bounce ideas off another professional entrepreneur.

Foreign Language Barriers. In my years of writing business plans I have had dozens upon dozens of clients call me or come through my door to develop a business plan because they simply did not speak English well. Never mind write a business plan in English. The barrier of a language can be cumbersome to someone looking to develop a business plan and thus it is best that they seek out a professional business plan writer.

Times When An Entrepreneur May Want to Write Their Own Business Plan

There are some cases where it is best than an entrepreneur or founder develop their own business plan. This is especially true of the research section of the business plan. Regardless of the reasons mentioned above, every business owner should be constantly researching their Market and their competitors. It is also best that entrepreneurs and business people write their own business plan when they cannot afford to hire a business plan writer. And lastly if the entrepreneur/business person has vast experience in business planning and can develop a professional business plan quickly, they would probably be best suited to write their own business plan.

If you indeed need a business plan writer than you are at the right place. As a professional business plan writer I have developed business plans for various sectors and industries and I can help you develop your business plan. It takes me no more than 14 days to completely write your business plan and I have faster options available. For more information text me to schedule a time to talk. Or call me and leave a message at 203-685-0346, my cell phone. Lastly you may email me at anytime and I will respond as soon as possible.