Mobile App Business Plan Writing & Tips

If you are looking for a business plan for a mobile app, you are at the right place. I have developed business plans for mobile apps and software as a service (saas) technologies. If you are looking to write your own business plan for your mobile app, here are some tips that I suggest for mobile app business plan writing:
  1. If you are looking for an investment, State exactly how much money you are looking for and exactly how you will use the money to develop or market your mobile app. Your business plan should showcase to the reader and potential investor exactly how your business will grow and how your mobile app will monetize.
  2. When marketing your app, many investors look for organic growth. Some mobile apps are built on the marketing plan of attracting users via paid advertisements or paid positioning. Regardless of how you plan to market your mobile app, your business plan should outline all of the strategies in order. This will show someone reading the mobile app business plan that you at least have an idea of which direction you are going to go when marketing your mobile app.
  3. The size of your mobile app business plan matters. Depending on the reader, sometimes the business plan should be shorter. If you are dealing with large institutions like venture capital or large Banks, then your business plan should be in-depth and generally over 15 pages. This will give you enough detail to fully outline how you will expand the mobile app Business from where it stands today.
  4. Plan on multiple launches of your mobile app. Every app today is in a certain version. This means they launched and then updated the app with a new version. If you are launching a mobile app, launch and then update each version. Showcase the updates of your mobile app in a timeline in the business plan to make sure the reader understands at what point the app will gain improvements.
  5. If you are not building the mobile application yourself, consider using freelancers and for-hire developers.  Not bringing on full time developers at first can save you money and will increase the efficiency of your business. 
  6. Develop your business plan so that a child can understand.  In many sectors, people writing their own business plan make things too complicated.  There may be plenty of details that need to be included and the audience should be taken into account when developing the language of your business plan. But in most cases, you want a business plan that is easy to read and detailed enough for a potential investor to make a decision.
  7. Present your mobile app business plan to a friendly investor before showing it to anyone else.  If you want to get feedback on your business plan before you start showing it to people with actual money.  And practice your pitch; again and again and again.
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