If you haven't read our post of The S.W.O.T. Analysis, you should probably read that first to get a better understanding of how and when the analysis is used, as well as how to properly construct one.  In this post we give you a basic outline of what items and bullet points of research and fact you should in include in the "Opportunities" section of your The S.W.O.T. Analysis;
  • Market developments?
  • Competitors' vulnerabilities?
  • Industry or lifestyle trends?
  • Technology development and innovation?
  • Global influences?
  • New markets, vertical, horizontal?
  • Niche target markets?
  • Geographical, export, import?
  • Market need for new UNIQUE SELLING POINT's?
  • Market response to tactics, e.g., surprise?
  • Major contracts, tenders or vendors?
  • Business and product development?
  • Information and research?
  • Partnerships, agencies, distribution?
  • Market volume demand trends?
  • Seasonal, weather, fashion influences?
The world of business is full of opportunities and listing them will open an entrepreneurs eyes to the wealth of possibilities that lie within a certain business sector or market.  Before you begin to write a business plan, before you can come up with a strategy to achieve a company's objectives, you will need to know the Opportunities that are within the venture.  

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